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Easy Money - Easy Money LP (1980 Reissue)


Easy Money were a four-piece power pop band prominent in the Victoria, BC punk and new wave scene from 1979-1983. They released two sought after singles on local Richards Records in 1980, but they also recorded a slew of would be hits themselves. For fans of classic Canadian power pop such as Pointed Sticks, Young Canadians, Teenage Head, etc.

This LP compiles both of their released singles, as well as 11 more perfect unreleased (but essential) power pop tracks that haven't seen the light of day until now.

Limited reissue co-released with Neon Taste. Produced by Josh Nickel, remastered by Dave Williams. Design and layover by Scott Beedham and Patrick McEachnie.

1. Getting Lost
2. Standing In Your Shadow
3. It's Not Funny
4. You Could Be Me
5. Pretty Modern
6. On The Edge
7. Young and Overequipped
8. High Fashion
9. No Stranger to Danger
10. It Keeps Me Living
11. I Miss America
12. More Than Just Your Name
13. Small Consolation