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The Moderns - Year Of Today EP (1979 Reissue)


Originally self released by the band in 1979, the debut EP by Sweden’s The Moderns is available and in print in North America for the first time ever.

Immortalized on a slew of mod revival and power pop comps including landing the cover of Power Pearls Volume 2, The Moderns’ EP has become an undeniable collector’s prize record. Fetching $500+ USD when it does show up for sale, the original 500 copies self released by the band in Sweden has turned this power pop masterpiece into an obscure, unknown hit.

Barely cracking the 9-minute mark, this four-song 7” features one of the all time greatest power pop songs, “Got To Have Pop”, a song that still infects today, more than 35 years later. The success of this EP in Sweden landed them a major label deal with Parlophone, which saw the release of their sole Swedish-language record in 1981, after which they quickly faded.

From KBD Records:

“Surprisingly fast and tough, and Janne was not only Sweden’s mod answer to Mike Watt when it came to brilliant and innovative bass lines, but also an incredibly skilled song writer”"