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The Novels - I'm Being Followed

Image of The Novels - I'm Being Followed


MB008: The Novels - I'm being Followed b/w Son Of Sam 7"

On the heels of last year’s instantly sold out Hi Fis reissue, Meanbean continues spotlighting the very best in Canadian powerpop obscurities with the lone 1980 release from the Novels. Hailing from Burnaby, British Columbia, the Novels were fronted by a sharp-dressing Kinks fanatic named Robin Stanley, who - like his hero Ray Davies - had a penchant for composing instantly memorable two and a half minute pop hits with somewhat off kilter subject matter. “I’m Being Followed” merges a tale of paranoia and espionage with a driving verse and a supremely catchy chorus. On the flipside “Son of Sam” treats the tale of the eponymous serial killer with a hook filled pop approach that manages makes a song about David Berkowitz sound as snappy and upbeat as any song about a girl you’ve ever heard. One can only imagine the elder Davies brother would have felt like a proud poppa if a copy of this single ever made its way onto his turntable.

Limited to 300 copies, the reissue comes with original insert repro featuring lyrics/bio and bonus unseen pictures, flyers and newspaper ads.

Sold Out